Thawing systems

We make thawing plant with turbolenced air system. The moisture saturated hot air thawing makes it possible to obtain the following advantages: after thawing the product has the same characteristics as fresh product before freezing, extremely low shrinkage with limited protein loss, the product keeps the original colour, product surface temperature
control to reduce the riskof bacterial load to a minimum and short thawing times with low energy costs.

Saturated air thawing is used to thaw meat, cold cuts, fishand other products.

The control and regulation of the thawing cycle is realizedthrough a microprocessor with different programmes which can be memorized and personalized in each phase.

Temperature probes, positioned on the surface and in the centre of the product, room temperature and humidity probes mange the thawing process, tocontrol, via the microprocessor, the intervention of the refrigeration, heating, moisturizing and air circulation system.

At the end of the thawing cycle the systemis automatically activated to maintain the desired values of temperature and humidity, in order topreserve the product.

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