Fruit and vegetables – Controlled atmosphere

We produce cold rooms for fruit and vegetables for end users such as wholesalers or distribution centers as well as for producers.

The plants can be realized with different solutions, with evaporators or with specific air handling units connected to ductworks for air transportation and diffusion. We can also project, made and provide the plants with specific humidification systems, as the cooling process can lead to excessive moisture loss in fruits and vegetables.

Controlled atmosphere cold rooms that maintains the organoleptic qualities of the product unaltered and reduces the losses due to pathogens and physiopatologies.

All of this creates remarkable advantages, easily imaginable from the commercial point of view.

C.A. cold rooms have special characteristics, which make them substantially different from standard cold rooms. Their construction required special care and a vast experience and knowledge of the field

Cold rooms panels need to be completely sealed after the assembly, for a safe pressurization of the controlled atmosphere cold rooms

Sliding doors are supplied complete with a pre-arrangement for Controlled atmosphere, in such a way as to guarantee a perfect seal. They are complete with closing brackets and hinged hatch door with vision panel for inspection.

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